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Electric Fries

There’s a movement going on with food. From non-gmo to organic to alkaline foods highly sought after. Lately, I’ve taken part in the vegan and vegetarian movement since July or August of 2015. Experimenting with more alkaline foods has given me a sense of confidence in being healthy not just for myself but so that I am able to lead my kids effectively in having a healthy and optimal life.

Creating meals and snacks similar to the starchy foods we’ve been eating is making the challenge fun, exciting and difficult. So I tried making some Garbanzo bean fries. Although, they were a hit, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to food. So I altered the order of when the salt should be added because I felt the flavor should be in the flour mixture.

In my first try, I added the salt to taste after frying the Garbanzo bean fries, however, I found that adding sea salt, and Onion Powder during the boiling point, made the flavors more salivating. Below is my recipe to simple, yet easy electric fries.


4 cups boiling water 2 cups chickpea flour 1 Tbls sea salt 1/4 tsp Onion Powder 3 cups grape seed oil 1 Tbls Sweet Basil (optional)

DIRECTIONS: Boil water Add Sea Salt, Onion powder. Stir. Add chickpea flour in water Cook. Stir. Until well mixed approximately 2 minutes on Med-Med/High heat

Pour batter in glass dish approximately 2-3 hours. Chill

Remove from dish and slice like potato fries.


Heat oil and fry until golden on each side

Remove from skillet. Drain. Season to taste w sweet basil or any herb you like.

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