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Welcome to the World of LaDaska Mechell

All things FOOD JUNKIE 21 related to Food, Fitness, Fashion, & Family


Hey ya'll, welcome to my blog, Food Junkie 21! My name is Ladaska Mechell. I am a mother, fashion designer, founder of Ladaska Manufacturing and Derme Naturals which is a plant based skincare brand launching soon.

I'm soo excited to be back and posting content related to my personal and business life. Food Junkie 21 is all about plant based food with a traditional approach to motherhood, fashion, and fitness. My goal is to revolutionize how we as parents nourish our families and change the way we trade ethically in the fashion industry.

What to Expect

A few things to expect from Food Junkie 21 is overall wellness, including through the mind, body, and spirit. That means you'll see some self care posts, healthy plant based recipes for you and your family, fashion and fitness content, business content and fashion editorial stories.

I hope you're as excited as I am to share some old and new content here. I look forward to sharing my personal stories in how I healed myself of anemia, fibroids, hair loss, family and friends of bronchitis, dermatitis, psoriasis, influenza B and many other conditions. I'm also super excited to bridge everything that I love under one roof that promotes healthy living and sustainability through ethical fashion.

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