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Southern Chef makes Celebrity Status

Recently known for being on Food Network’s, “Chopped.”  Chef Tara Kyle is making waves to celebrity status. Not just with food but with her sense of humor, charm, and light. Keeping her southern roots infused in the masterpieces she creates for her clients, she’s winning hearts and souls through her southern cuisine and passion for food with clients asking for more. Born in San Antonio, TX but raised in Lompoc, CA, Chef TK Kyle is a  powerhouse and is on her way to master stardom.

TK Kyle-BBQ-favorite to make

Her favorite food are BBQ wings and they’re always a hit at parties and social gatherings

Not only is she winning celebrity clients over with her sense of style in the kitchen, but she’s the number one woman in her sons lives. She’s all about setting an exemplary platform for success. Chef Kyle is not just an ordinary chef, but she’s an amazing mother. And when she’s not in the kitchen or on set, she’s living an abundant life of love, laughter, and traveling from coast to coast, leaving a trail of knowledge and accomplishments for others to follow.

TK Kyle Food

Her passion besides food and family is giving back to homeless men and women, feeding them from her soul’s desires of fullness. Her sense of selfless acts is what elevates her to heights that many dream to soar which is why each time she leaves New York, the place where she trained, the streets feels her absence.

We salute Chef TK Kyle for her ambition to strive to greatness and become the woman she’s destined to be.

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