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[Today is the day we celebrate a naked child shooting an arrow into our hearts and fall in love.  From romance to the sheets, couples share this stressful idea of having to shower their mate with gifts and candy.  Don’t fret dear valentine, this holiday may not be for you if you’re not into submitting to traditional gender roles, orgies or if you don’t know to act unless directed.

From February 13th-15th, Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia, which was a ritual where men sacrificed a dog and a goat and whipped the women with the hides of their slain skin to invoke fertility. Women participated in this ritual thinking it would make them fertile but the Catholic church didn’t agree with this so they attempted to Christianize the tradition by linking it to St. Valentine.

So if you’re single, you should not be ashamed that you are happy without a partner. Expectations are high but you don’t have to submit to the societal demands of a manufactured  day that tells you to shower your partner with gifts on one day out of the entire year.

Just a little information on how we spend on this “holiday”, here are some stats from 2013.

In 2013, Americans spent $1.6 billion on candy, 1.9 billion on flowers and 4.4 billion on gold, diamonds, and silver. Source:CNN

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