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EAT Like You're NAKED is a book of recipes that will help you on your journey towards making healthy choices. Not only will you start to look good, but you will begin to feel good. Feeling healthy, more energized, and clean is the goal but losing pounds is the icing on the cake. Enjoy the journey designed to nourish your body, feed your soul and guide you in making a lifestyle change.


EAT Like You’re NAKED assumes that you know nothing about eating clean or about detoxing EAT Like You’re NAKED gives you a way to transition towards the light of detoxing your body through food. In this 14 Day Detox plan, you will find a benefits of detoxing page which explains why certain foods are good for the body and a grocery list of items you need for the detox. Many of the recipes are simple and easy to put together but it will take determination and a commitment to yourself to complete the detox.


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