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Citizen E-Cigar & the face of the brand

From the streets of New York to sailing on the waters of a private jet with a few friends. Citizen E-Cigar is on the new wave of providing eco friendly enjoyment of cuban cigars without the smell.


What better way to launch your campaign with a creative team to bring the idea of the new brand to fruition. From concept to clothes, Photographer/Creative Director, Shamayim wanted to include LADASKA MECHELLE in the campaign as it exudes luxury and a lifestyle that resembles the Citizen woman.


Our approach to fashion was all about clean and classic lines with a bit of fringe and flare. As the wind blows through her hair, the flare of the fringe moves with her, just as the smoke from the e-cigar.


From beginnings to ends, LADASKA MECHELLE tests out new models with old and new designs for new collection trials as we start a new path in making it in New York.


With our new collections, we plan to amp up the luxe feel with a bit of creativity while remaining true to our key concepts of colorblocking and using artisitc expression as our inspiration.


Stay tuned for more designs and collections for 2016.

Evolution of BLACK SWAN

From the edge of her bosom to the cross she bears on her back, she darkens as life's existence casts its shadows behind her form. Tracking her every move, blackness follows her then becomes engraved into her presence. 


Even when the light creeps in, angles casts sharp glares against her face. Looking directly towards the image of ideas, her eyes focuses on the future which makes her appear hard against the cement in which she lays on.


But as she transistions into a new form of elevation, her clout changes, her existence and atmosphere changes. Just as the mind when it has been clouded with darkness. Everything becomes gray for a moment and the moment of freedom starts to sink in. With the hightened level of consciousness, she lets her arms go and become free of everything that held her close and closed to herself.


Just as the light sets in and she sees the light with unzipped fashions, The Black Swan sees that she will go back to her mere existence, back into an enclosed self of lblack and darkened love but learn that she is comfort in her own existence of life.